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Ladies Weight Training


For many women, cardio is at the heart of their workout routines and the thought of doing any form of weight training rarely crosses their minds. However, this type of exercise is incredibly important for all women who want to maintain their health. If you are a lady who needs some tips on weight training workouts, this article can help.

Despite many feared that weights will increase the amount of lean muscles like most males, women performing weight training does not do that, and it can actually help women combat osteoporosis as well as increase their strength.

That said, lean muscles can actually help with fats burning even at a resting state, this is because lean muscles can help increase your metabolism rate, effectively turning you into a walking fats burning machine.

Here are some simple tips to get started!

1.3 days training week – Having a 3 days workout with strength and weight training will give you the benefit of increasing your lean muscles and also fats burning. Thus if you are interested in picking up this training regime, do it for 3 days at most for a week, and alternate them with cardio and aerobics.

2.Training repetition and sets – Do not set out to destroy your muscles, as such 3 sets of 10-12 reps will be sufficient. What you should do is to start out slow, and aim to triumph your previous workout, one important thing to keep in mind is to never forget your workout form, as such do make sure to crosscheck with either your trainer or a program.

3. Full body workout – Weight and strength training is not limited to bigger biceps or triceps, perform a full body workout that will work your arms, legs, back as well as your abs!

4. Getting proper diet – Diet is essential when you start using weight training, as such you want to make sure that you get the maximum effects of training by having a concrete diet plan. Find out which nutrition is important in this training and eat right to start seeing even faster results!